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How to Use

Newest 5 Beads Jade Roller Facial Beauty Gemstone Roller Skin Care Tool
Use the jade roller after applying skin care product on your face, wait about a minute, and then start jade rolling.
1. Starting at the center of your brows, roll up towards your hairline.
2. Continue this motion all over your face, rolling out the right side first and then the left.
3. Underneath your eyes, use the smaller side of the roller to roll up towards the outer edge of the eye, all the way to the hairline.
4. on the upper lid of the eye, roll from the inner corner of your eyes across your lid to the outer corner.
5. When you get to your neck and chest, you can start to roll down and inwards towards your heart.
The direction of rolling is important, because you are rolling towards the lymphatic drainage points on your face and body. This pushes any retained fluids to those points so they can be flushed out. Your body would do this naturally during the day, even one minute of rolling helps speed up that process quickly.
Jade Gua sha Scraper Face Massage Tool Natural Rose Quartz Guasha Stone
Gua sha on face can clean the skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and promote blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
1. Apply serum, moisturizer or oil to the skin of the face;
2. Start with the cheeks by sliding the Gua Sha from the nostrils outwards;
3. Continue massaging the forehead with the concave part of the Gau Sha making gentle but firm movements and moving from the eyebrows to the hairline;
4. For the eye area, gently swipe Gua Sha from the inner corner of the eye to the temple;
5. Continue massaging the jaw, going from the chin towards the ear;
6. Gently massage under the ear to release tension;
7. End with the neck in a bottom-up movement with the concave part;
After the treatment, the skin on your face may become slightly red for a few minutes, this is normal and shows that you have performed the massage with the Gua Sha correctly and with good pressure.