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Why Gua Sha tool is more and more pupuplar in the world?

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Why Gua Sha tool is more and more pupuplar in the world?

First of all, I would like to talk about gua sha origin in short words.

There is Four therapy of traditional Chinese medicine, they are Bian,Needle,Cupping,Medicine (Literal   translation in Chinese ),this history is more than 3000 years.If people was ill, they use Bian to cure first, if Bian was workless,use the Needle, when the ill is worse, Cupping will be used, if all the 3 ways is useless, the last treatment is Medicine.

Gua sha evolved by Bian.Bian is one therapy which use stone,ceramics and other hard object work on  human skin for healing. For now,the most popular Gua sha tools are made by different jade,gemstones and crystal.


Why more and more people like gua sha tool? There is many reasons:

Firstly,it's easy use, though most people do not know how to gua sha, but gua sha tool can use for massage, it's easy to learn.

Secondly,one jade gua sha tool can be use at home, office and evrywhere, it's so convenient.

Thirdly, the gua sha massage effect is obvious,but with small side-effect.

Finally, the gua sha tool is quite cheap than other massage equipment, you can buy it evrywhere now.

In next articles I will share one body massage and relaxation way by jade gua sha,see you guys.


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