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What is the Best Material for Gua Sha Facial Scraping Board?

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We need to pay attention to the methods of facial gua sha scraping in our daily life, and now there are more and more people scraping in society, because scraping helps to promote blood circulation and regulate qi and blood, so, it is very popular that people need to pay attention to some ways of facial scraping and pay attention to the choice of materials, so what is the best material for facial scraping board?

What material is the facial gua sha scraping board made of?

1. Horn gua sha scraping board:

According to the Compendium of Materia Medica: Niujiao cool, non-toxic, Niujiao scraping tablets can treat colds and fever, commonly used curettage tablets massage, can prevent aging, but also can be cosmetic. The maintenance of the horn scraping board: the horn is brittle, do not fall, so you must pay attention to the protection! Many friends reflect that the horn used has varying degrees of bending or deformation, that is because the horn scraping board is afraid of moisture, often in a humid or watery environment, it will bend and deform, and serious cracks may appear, so please pay attention to dry it in time and put it in a dry and ventilated place. Be especially careful not to put it in hot water.

2. Jade gua sha scraping board:

Smooth texture, suitable for face, back and other body parts. The effect is as good as the horn scraping board, but it can't be broken and is fragile. Now there are many jade scraper boards on the market, the better the material used, the higher the price.

3. Bian stone gua sha scraping board:

Made of Bian stone, it has a special energy field, and direct or indirect contact with * can improve * microcirculation and play the role of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and treating disease. moreover, because of the characteristics of Sibin pumice, when using Bian plate for treatment, it does not require scrapping, it can achieve a better role of dredging channels and collaterals and dispelling heat and toxin. In addition, due to the Sibin pumice has a microcrystalline structure, smooth and delicate texture, the effect on * has a very comfortable feeling. What is the good material of the facial scraping board?

4. Beeswax gua sha scraper:

Beeswax is a kind of amber, which is no different from amber in physical and chemical composition, but gets its name because of its "color as honey and light as wax". Beeswax is very popular because of its soft texture and warm color. It has the same effect as jade and ox horn scraping board. It feels very good! It's comfortable to shave.


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