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What is Facial Yoga?

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What is facial yoga? That's all you need to know. 

Even if the appearance is perfect, we tend to find small shortcomings.For example, sometimes some of us think that our noses are strangely shaped, or that our lips are too thin, or that we have double jaws or rounded jaw contours; these things are really not a big deal, but if you really think it makes you uncomfortable or unconfident, then there is always makeup or even many non-invasive treatments to choose from. 

If you want to fine-tune your facial features to make them look fuller and younger, then facial Yoga, a new trend of anti-aging skin care products, will help you. 

What is facial yoga? 

Facial yoga is a series of facial exercises designed to improve the elasticity and blood circulation of the face and neck. It is said that facial yoga can also help tighten facial muscles through short facial expression exercises, making your facial muscles look stronger, fuller and more contoured. 

Facial yoga may not necessarily remove wrinkles from aging skin, but it can prevent or reduce the occurrence of wrinkles. Here are some basic facial yoga exercises. 


To sharpen the outline of your chin to make it look slightly chiseled, look up at the ceiling, wrinkle your lips or stick out your tongue, hold this position for 5 seconds, then release it and return to your normal position. Repeat this exercise 5 times. 

When you do this, you will feel a little nervous, which means that you are stretching the muscles on your jaw line to make them stronger. 


To make your lips look fuller, close your lips while smiling, and then suck your cheek in with your teeth to make your expression look like a fish. 

Double Chin. 

To get rid of the double chin, rotate the head clockwise and then counterclockwise. Repeat this at least five times to adjust your neck muscles, which will help with your double chin. 

Combine these exercises with weekly skin care rituals, such as massaging your face with gua sha tools and moisturizers, smearing skin serum that promotes collagen with jade rollers, and treating your skin with retinol. you're sure to see amazing results.


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