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The Stainless Steel Gua Sha Roller | Newest Gua Sha Jade Roller

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Stainless steel gua sha roller is a new product of our company. As China’s leading jade roller, gua sha board factory. We have been committed to innovation, the development of more comprehensive functions, more able to meet the needs of all users of the products. This product is the product of striving for innovation.

Compared with ordinary products, the function of this product is undoubtedly the more perfect one. Next, we will describe the advantages of this product from several aspects.

1. More Comprehensive Functions.

As a combination of gua sha stone and jade roller. Its function covers two kinds of products: roller and gua sha. You can use its gua sha part to lift facial lines and massage muscles, or you can use its roller part to relieve eye fatigue and eliminate dark circles. All the functions of the guasha and roller can be realized perfectly through it.

2. A More Affordable Price.

It will be more expensive than individual gua sha and rollers. However, you should add up the price of the gua sha stone and the roller and compare it with stainless steel gua sha roller. The price of stainless steel guasha roller will have a great advantage.
You can experience the functions it at a more favorable price.

3. More Solid and Durable.

Traditional jade rollers and gua sha are made of natural stone. Although the texture is hard, it is easy to break. Therefore, in the daily maintenance, we should always avoid bumping or falling. And the stainless steel gua sha roller, its gua sha part made of stainless steel. The texture is tough and difficult to break. And because the bracket part of the roller is shorter and thicker, it is also more difficult to deform.
Stainless steel gua sha roller can be used for a longer time.

The above three points are the biggest advantages of stainless steel gua sha rollers over ordinary facial guasha plates and rollers.

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How to Order Stainless Steel Gua Sha Roller?

As a new product, there is not much stock so far. Therefore, we generally do not accept spot orders. However, you can contact us to place an order, and we will finish the production and ship the goods within one to two weeks. We will give you the best quality products and the best price. We usually accept payment from PayPal and bank cards.

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Do Stainless Steel Gua Sha Rollers Accept Customization?

Stainless steel gua sha roller is customized. Whether it is the shape or logo, we can meet your needs. However, as a customized content, we will have a MOQ, which is generally about 100 pieces, but we need to determine the final MOQ according to the difficulty of the actual customized content. So if you want to know the requirements of customized products, please contact us by email now.

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