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Stop to use the jade roller for face beauty and health care.

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When the jade roller became a trend for skin care tool. You can see there is the articles videos with <does the jade roller really work? > <What is the jade roller benefits> or <How to use the jade roller> in anywhere of internet.

But there seldom people tell you that stop using jade roller in some cases. As like I told you that   do not use gua sha massage if you are under certain circumstance in my last articles.

1. Infections on the face or body, such as boils, folliculitis.

2. Suffer from neuromuscular system diseases, such as myasthenia gravis, multiple sclerosis.

3. Acute allergic skin.

4. For skin with large areas of redness and severe damage to the stratum corneum caused by sunburn or skin peeling,  waiting for the skin to return  normal condiction before you do facial care.

Thanks for your attetion, if you are now in that condictions, it's better to consult a skin doctor.

Deyi Gems is not only one mamufactuer we more care your health and beauty.


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