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Need a New Product? Order the Newest Patent Jade Roller of Deyi

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Today, we bring you a kind of jade roller newly developed by Deyi-four-bead jade roller.
Good products take time to accumulate. It took us a year to develop this product. From the appearance of the product, to the selection and positioning of materials, we have conducted numerous discussions and experiments. Finally completed this product, this is the first truly high-end market-face roller.

High-End Face Roller Must have High-End Quality.

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As a high-end product. We have done meticulous research and experiments on the selection of jade raw materials, metal support materials and even the size, thickness and length of the products. It gives this product the most perfect quality standard.

High-End Jade Rollers Must have the Best Effect.

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This roller not only exists as a jade roller, it also has the effect of similar acupoint therapy. When we designed this roller, we creatively added a wafer-shaped jade sheet to the bottom of the jade roller. Users can use this part to press the acupoints on the face, which is more effective than a single jade roller.

High-End Jade Rollers must be Easier to Use.

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When you use the jade roller, will the roller roll not smoothly? The main reasons for this situation are as follows.
1. The hole of the roller is not regular enough.
2. The hole diameter of the roller is small.
3. The diameter of the jade roller bracket is too large.

The above three reasons are the main reasons for the poor rolling of the roller. To sum up, it is the size mismatch between the roller hole and the metal bracket. The design of this roller is to get through the roller directly. In this way, the above three problems will not occur and the use will be more smooth.

Good Jade Roller Should be More Durable.

The life of the product is an important reason to determine the product experience. We have been groping and studying constantly. Explore the size of the metal and the size of the handle in order to be most suitable for use and maintain a long service life. Finally got the shape of this face roller. The service life of this jade roller will be about half longer than that of ordinary jade rollers.

As an innovative enterprise, we will continue to develop new products. If you are looking for new products to enhance the competitiveness of your brand. Contact us now. We will provide you with the most perfect jade roller or gua sha.



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