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Four Practical and Effective Necessary Beauty Tools.

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After more than three months of blockade, most of us are now aware of home skin care. We have tried facial scrub, peeling and facial massage. But what about the beauty tools at home? We don't talk much about facial beauty tools. Maybe it's because they don't seem to matter to us, or we're not so sure about their effectiveness. 

So, first of all, let's talk about the elephants in the room-are these tools useful? Is it worth it? The answer is yes. Compared with the price of a salon spa or facial treatment, these beauty tools are cheaper and provide relaxation and healing. 

The beauty tools mentioned below will cost you thousands of dollars, which are worth it for an one-time investment. Frequent use ensures long-term results, and because they have no side effects, they are worth a try! 

Derma Roller 

Have you ever heard of microneedles? It sounds dramatic, but with the help of leather rollers, it's one of the easiest skin treatments to do at home. 

The microneedles on these rollers produce tiny prickles in the skin, indicating that the skin is rejuvenated. Leather rollers are one of the cheapest skin tools to help treat scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. For beginners, a 0.2 mm leather drum is good enough. 

Jade Roller


Jade drum has every reason to be popular! If you haven't invested yet, invest. Jade roller can be used to stimulate skin and reduce edema, has a variety of uses. 

Use it before going to bed to give you beautiful skin when you wake up, or use it in the morning to soothe your skin. You can use it to cover your sheet mask to make it more effective, or after using your skin care product, just roll it onto the skin for better absorption. 

Gua Sha Stone


Next to the drum, scraping stone can effectively help the skin to detumescence. This small, inconspicuous tool can have a powerful effect. It refers to the act of shaving the skin to promote blood circulation. This, in turn, makes the skin look younger and healthier. It also helps to shape the outline of the face. 

You can use it every night before you go to bed, or several times a week. 

Ice Globes


These cute-looking hockey pucks are good for the skin.  Freeze them in the refrigerator and massage your skin with circular movements. They promote lymphatic excretion and also help relieve headaches and back knots.  After doing facial treatments at home, use them to relax the spa.


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